The idea of creating SBT (Start Business Today) Consulting LLC was born 6 years after we had successfully launched and developed a business consulting company for the VIP segment. SBT Consulting LLC appeared to respond to the needs of those potential clients, who did not require managing complex projects, drafting memos, and working with niche specialists. The goal was to reduce the business entry threshold and solve typical tasks faster and better than standard corporate service providers. We have successfully achieved our goals thanks to the VIP Consulting Academy, where our specialists study and graduate to join the SBT Consulting LLC team. It also became possible thanks to the modern technical base that allows us to maximize the quality and speed of customer service at SBT Consulting LLC. Today, SBT Consulting LLC is the most competitive service provider that can make an exciting price offer and solve all assigned tasks faster and better than competitors in the market.

30% of our Clients would like to receive VIP services from our other boutique consulting company (which is a part of our holding), but at the moment, they cannot afford it. Therefore, they choose us as the best among corporate service providers offering standard corporate services. 50% of Clients came to us directly, fell in love with our philosophy, and are with us to date. 20% of our Clients came to us from other consulting companies searching for more qualified and faster service.

  • 30% choose us as an alternative to our VIP business consultancy
  • 50% are with us from the very first day
  • 20% changed their service provider to SBT


U.A.E. residents wishing to leave their 8-to-5 job and seek freedom by starting their own business in the U.A.E.

Individuals regardless of their residential and entrepreneurial status wishing to minimize expenses on company formation in the U.A.E.

Start-ups who need to cut operational costs during the first several years of operations.

Big corporates with many company management and PRO tasks wishing to outsource
these functions to the corporate service provider but without increasing operational costs.


It took us over six years to study each free zone in-depth and obtain practical experience concerning each of them. We want to save your time on endless searching, calling, and comparing.

We are aware of the pricing policies of all free zones in the U.A.E., so we identify and compare the best company set-up pricing options based on your requirements for you.

We are in the industry receiving updates from dozens of authorities daily, so we are aware of all current price drops and promotions to find the most cost-effective options for you.

Our team knows the rules and regulations of all free zones in the U.A.E. to help you further decrease investments required at the start (e.g., avail from lower share capital requirements, avoid payment of specific fees which some free zone Authorities cover, benefit from more flexible reporting requirements).

We give you several most cost-effective options to choose from. The final decision is yours. We implement.


Company formation in any U.A.E emirate
Resident visa assistance
Bank account opening guidance
Company management assistance
Limited PRO services

In the event you require some complex solutions, assistance with memo drafting, advice and guidance, VIP concierge services, support on a weekend or during late hours, we can always connect you with our second team at UAE-Consultants.com | Business Boutique DMCC. You will not need to look for someone else to meet your complex corporate needs. Our own group of companies will provide you with an outstanding level of service from standard corporate services from SBT Consulting | Start Business Today, to premium corporate services via Business Boutique | UAE-Consultants.com and real estate services through Elite & Luxury Real Estate | Dubai-Realty.com.


Our professional business consultants will discuss your needs and guide you through all the processes.

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